Our Story

Sargent Central Public School District #41-6 is a consolidated (est. 1962) school district from six surrounding communities of Brampton, advanced
Cogswell, Forman, Rutland, Havana, and Cayuga.  Prior to Sargent Central Public School District, the town of Forman possessed Forman High School.  Today Sargent Central Public School District covers 475 square miles, provides bus transportation throughout for the 185+ Cadets and is AdvancED Accredited.

From enrollment growth and consolidation, modular units were
constructed on-site and utilized for 26 years.  In 2001 an Activity Center (Seating Capacity = 751) was constructed on-site, but stood as a separate facility not attached to the main facility.  Due to age of the modular units and deterioration of the structures, the community pursued a bond referendum.

A special election was held April 14, 2009 for a $3.8 million dollar general obligation bond for constructing new elementary facilities along with remodeling the secondary facility, and attaching the facility to the Activity Center.  This bond passed with 63 percent.  The elementary has a separate entrance with designated classrooms at each grade level along with special education and Title I services.  There is a separate room assigned for speech therapy services.

Two science classrooms and laboratory rooms were renovated the summer of 2012 at the secondary level.  In the summer of 2013 the Family Consumer Science room was gutted from wall-to-wall with new construction occurring in addition a variety of other recent building updates to the two gymnasiums (North Gym Seating Capacity = 156), classrooms, and offices.





Technology availability is abundant with Chromebooks, iPads, Smartboards, and a variety of other 21st century educational technologies for students and staff. Prekindergarten at no cost to families was expanded to four full days per week beginning the fall of 2016to five full days per week with additional facility upgrades relating to safety, wellbeing and facility accessibility for students.




In October of 2017 the Sargent Central School Board approved the conversion of the current 2,340 sq. ft. Multipurpose Room into an ADA compliant Community Wellness Facility with 24/7/365 access.

More information about the Wellness Center can be found by visiting: www.sargent.k12.nd.us/wellness-center/





PreK-12th grade enrollment is 185 wonderful students with 40+ highly professional certified/non-certified staff.