High School Involvement Tracking Sheet

All students are encouraged to apply for scholarships. Read eligibility criteria carefully. It is the student’s responsibility to follow guidelines and dates. Please note dates or information may change.


* indicates scholarship is also available to college students
(L)- Local Scholarship
(S) – State Scholarship
(N) – National Scholarship


Click on the links or see Mrs. Bopp for assistance.

(S) Real DEAL Scholarship at OPEN NOW!!.

(N) DAR. Various Scholarships.  Various DUE DATES Please CHECK LINK.

(S) ND EMS & Firefighter Scholarship. No deadline.
(S) ND Implement Dealers Scholarships if going into that field.

(N) Varsity Tutors monthly contests.

Nursing Scholarships, more nursing scholarships


Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS Sweepstakes register at Wells Fargo College steps. for the scholarship search.


Free Scholarship Search- type in a keyword such as intended major and get a list of related scholarships go to Federal Student Aid.

(S) N.D. Scholars Program. Awards are based on ACT composite score ranking int eh 95th percentile or higher of all ND junior student taking the test and ACT composite score sums. June before their senior year is the last test date in which juniors can take the ACT to be eligible for the award.


(N) Alert Magazine $500 Essay contest for graduating seniors. Awarded to seniors whose essay is chosen for each published issue. No Application and no deadline.



ND/MN Better Business Bureau Scholarship, BBB ND/MN. DUE Sept. 20, 2018

Home Builders Care. (NDSU, NDSCS, MSUM, MNSCTC). Due September 28, 2018.



(N) Young Arts. Due October 12, 2018.

(*N)DFS-Scholarship America Dream Scholarship for current college students. Due October 15, 2018.
(N) Wendy’s Heisman. Due October 17, 2018.
(N) Horatio Alger Scholarship. Due October 25, 2018.
(N) US Bank. Due October 26, 2018.
(N) Coca-Cola Scholarships. Due October 31, 2018.



(N) Prudential Spirit of Community. Due November 6, 2018.

(N) VFW Voice of Democracy Scholarship Speech contest for grades 9-12. Due November 1.
(N) Hagan Scholarship. Due November 15, 2018. 
(S) North Dakota Jump$tart Coalition. Due November 17.
(N) Wells Fargo Disability Scholarship. Due November 28. 



(N) AXA Achievement Scholarship. Due December 14, 2018.
(N) Burger King Scholarship. Due December 15, 2018.
(S) NDSCA Scholarship. Due December 18, 2017.
(L) UND Outstanding Leader Award, $100. Must be already admitted and nominated by your high school.
(L) Windy Mound National Wildlife Turkey Federation  Scholarship. Mail to WWNWTF c/o Darren Hoistad, 9830 135th Avenue SE, Havana, ND 58043.  Due December 31
(N)Wealth Wise Scholarship.Due December 31, 2018.




(S) North Dakota’s Corn Growers Association Scholarship. Awarding 10- $1,000 scholarships.
(S) Mensa Scholarships. Due January 15. 
(N) Washington Crossing Foundation national scholarships for history & political buffs, government or military in your future. Due January 15.
(S)Great Clips)(Hair or Cosmetology) Due January 31, 2019




(L) Dr. Gary Narum Endowed Scholarship. The student must be a recent graduate of Sargent Central with at least a GPA of 3.0, with a history of high school and community involvement and be an incoming freshman at NDSU. Preference will first be given to intended education majors and demonstrate financial need by the Office of Student Financial Services. NDSU Admissions will make the selection based on students admitted to NDSU by February 1 and filled out general NDSU scholarship application.
(*N) Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship Program. Do NOT need to be an FFA member. Due February 1, 2018.
(L) Ransom County Crop and Livestock Improvement Association. The family must be a resident of Ransom County. Due February 1, 2018.
(L) Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative Scholarship for members.  Due February 5, 2018.
(*N) Winfield Agriculture Scholarship. Due February 10, 2018
(*S) N.D. Crop Improvement & Seed Association $1,000 Scholarships for three incoming freshman and two undergraduates intending to major in NDSU’s College of Agriculture. Due February 15.
(N) DAR Richard and Elizabeth Dean Scholarship. Due February 15, 2019.
(L) Dickey Rural Network Scholarships. 2-$500 scholarships for SC  seniors. Due February 15, 2018.
(N) Pet Play Scholarship. Due February 28, 2018.
(N) Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship. Due February 28, 2018.
(S) ND Rural Water Systems Association Scholarship for students enrolled in BSC’s Water & Wastewater Technology Program. Due February.
(N) Marine Corps Scholarship for children of Marines. Due February 28, 2018.



(N) Rocky Mountain Mechanics Association Scholarship. For anyone going into an energy-related career or trade employed by them (welder, diesel mechanic, electrician). Due March 1, 2018.

*(R) S.D. Agri-business and Wheat Growers Scholarships. Must be going into agriculture at a SD college. Due March 1, 2018.

(S) N.D. Stockmen’s Association Scholarship. Due March 1.

(*N) Cargill Global Scholarship.  Due March 1, 2018.
(S) Farm Credit Services Scholarship for those from farming/ranching family or students intending to pursue an agricultural career. Numerous-$1,000 awards.  Due March 1, 2018.
(L) Spirit of the Wild Rice Conference Glenn Dorr Scholarship. The senior athlete is nominated by Sargent Central School to fill out the application. Due March 1.
(*S) The North Dakota Conservation District Employees Association (NDCDEA) Scholarship for HS seniors and college undergraduates. 2018 Soil Conservation Scholarship Application. Due March 2, 2018.
(S) N.D. Grocers Association Scholarship. Due March 9, 2018. 
(N) National Farmers Union Foundation Hubert Seymour Scholarship. Due March 13, 2018.
(*S) ND Farm Bureau Scholarships.(Numerous scholarships are available) Due March 15, 2018.
(*N) Federal Government Employee and dependent family member scholarships. Due March 21, 2018.
(S) North Dakota Propane Gas Association Scholarship. 2-$1,000 awards. Immediate family member must purchases propane from a ND marketer member.  Due March 23, 2016.
(S) Home Builders Care Foundation. Due March 29, 2018
(S) Julie Buxa Health Science Scholarship. Due March 31, 2018.



(S) ND CTE Rueben T. Guenther Scholarship. Due April 1, 2018.
(L) Sally Brash Memorial Scholarship Application. Fill out the form online and print. Due April 1 to Mrs. Olson.
Preference will be given to students who rank in the top ½ of the senior class and who display these character traits possessed in great measure by Sally Brash:
1. Intelligence
2. Personal Character
3. Kindness
4. Ambition
5. Generosity
(S) Nesheim Scholarship. Due April 1.
(*N) Cenex Harvest States Scholarships. Due April 1. (Current college students deadlines vary.)
(*S) Various N.D. Dollars for Scholars Scholarships. Awards range from $500 to $15,000. Due April 1.
(L) SC Dollars for Scholars. All Sargent Central seniors are encouraged to apply.  Due April 1.
(L) Health Career Class Scholarship for senior who has completed the Health Careers class during their HS career. Due.
(L)Sanford Health  Scholarship. (please print both forms one attached to Sanford Health and the other attached to Scholarship). Due April 11, 2018
(*S) Hoppers Scholarship Application. 2- $1500 scholarships to a  female student – high school or college. Enrolled in a college or university located in North Dakota, South Dakota or Minnesota with a declared major in STEM-related field. Due April 15, 2018.
(*L) Full Circle Ag-2018 $500 Scholarship for seniors and college students pursuing a 2-yr or 4-yr degree in agronomy, crop production or related field. Due April 15, 2018.
(*L) 2016 Norstar Federal Credit  Union Scholarship for members. Due April 15, 2016.
(S) Cass County Mutual Insurance Scholarship for students whose parent or grandparent are policyholders. Due April 15, 2018.
(S) NDSU FarmHouse Fraternity Builder of Men Scholarship. 6-$3,000 one year scholarships. NO requirement to join FarmHouse Fraternity. Due April 15, 2018

(S)  Tobacco Free North Dakota Scholarship. Due April 15, 2018

(L) Delahoyde Seed Scholarship $600 awards to high school seniors from Sargent County who are entering college. Due April 20, 2018

(*L) Oakes Community Hospital Educational Gift Due April 20, 2018.

(*S) American Legion Auxiliary- ND Parley Nursing Scholarship. Based on need, scholarship, and character. Due April 20, 2018.
(S) Associated General Contractors of North Dakota Scholarship. For students going into a construction related field, diesel or welding at NDSCS, BSC or NDSUDue April 27, 2018
(*S) Bismarck Cancer Center Scholarship for those attending a Bismarck college and committed to oncology. Due April 27, 2018.
(S) Lowry Engineering Scholarship $1000 Scholarship. Due April 30
(N) Will to Win Scholarship for seniors who have asthma. Go to Due April 30.
(S) NDSCS Architectural Drafting Scholarship. Due April 30. Late applications will be accepted if funds available.



(S) College Access Challenge Grant Scholarship is offered by Bank of North Dakota College Planning Center. Due May 1, 2014.
(N) Rigid Lifelines Fall Protection Scholarship. Due May 1, 2013.
Horton, Inc. Scholarships– for students enrolling in a Machine Tool Technology Related Program. Due May 31, 2014.

(N) B. Davis Scholarship. Due May 22, 2018.




(*N) Affiliate Summitt Scholarship. Due June 1, 2013
North Dakota Academic and CTE Scholarship. Student must have meet prior high school and ACT/WorkKey requirements. On-line application. Due June 7.
Abbott & Fenner Business Consultants $1,000 scholarship. Due June 14, 2018
BigSun $500 Scholarship. The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits. We are offering an annual scholarship to a deserving student. All student athletes are eligible for this award, regardless of which sport they are participating in. Due June 21, 2013.


(S) North Dakota Indian Scholarships. Due July 15, 2016