Summer School

Research regularly shows students not involved in some kind of summer academic program will lose approximately two months of grade level equivalency in reading and math skills.  Students enrolled in grades 1-8 for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year and living in the area are eligible to attend the elementary summer school program.  Cost is free.  The program will begin on Tuesday, June 4th and conclude on Thursday, August 1st with operation from 8:30 am to 12 pm every Tuesday through Thursday in the library.  The school doors will be closed the week of July 4th.  The summer program schedule can be found on the school website by visiting:

The program is flexible and will accommodate students as they come and go.  Students are not required to attend at any specific time during the available hours with emphasis on shorter and reoccurring sessions throughout the summer. Accelerated Reader and Khan Academy points earned during the summer session will count towards a student’s 1st quarter total for the approaching school year.

Snacks will not be available but the school will again provide bus transportation to and from summer school sessions for students living in Cogswell, Havana, Rutland and Cayuga with the designated times and locations listed below.


Location                              Pick Up                     Drop Off        

Cogswell Post Office               8:20 am                       11:00 am

Havana Post Office                 8:45 am                       11:25 am

Rutland Post Office                 9:15 am                       11:55 am

Cayuga Post Office                   9:47 am                      12:20 pm


If any questions, please call the school.